After over 30 years of songwriting, I am finally beginning to unlock my creations from where I’ve kept them tucked away, and set them free into the world. A scary prospect… Spring of 2015 will see the release of my first album, but this is only the beginning. There are many more songs written, and waiting to be written. This is my journey.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. You’re a bit like me – I took a LONG time to get going. But you must have started writing songs when you were about three! I wish you well on your journey and I really look forward to hearing your songs! Do you have any online yet?

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      1. You can start piquing people’s interest even by putting up an unfinished mix on Soundcloud. The “experts” always say to do that sort of thing and keep stuff coming out as regularly as possible… but I have to admit I don’t always do that. But anyway, I think it might be worth thinking about, instead of waiting for the finished album. In other words, I can’t wait!

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