Trust and Technical Difficulties…

I’m listening to my freshly uploaded song (The One You Trust) on SoundCloud as I type this, to make sure that a) it’s the right version and b) there aren’t any issues with it. I hear a couple of small issues, but it will have to do. Yes, it’s been that kind of night. My song for week 5 of the SAC Challenge was posted exactly on the deadline – midnight eastern time on the nose. This journal will be a late add on.

Unfortunately what I’ve put up is incomplete because I had to leave a couple tracks out and wasn’t able to finish mixing. Somewhere in the process of working with multiple tracks and moving bits around, I really messed up. Some parts were out of sync and just hitting undo a bunch of times was risky given the number of changes I had made since my last save. I wasn’t sure where I had gone wrong and didn’t have time to waste trying to undo my error. My best option was to realign the 2 most important tracks, which were quite chopped up due to overdubbing, so it took a fair bit of time to make them work.I had a second guitar that I may or may not have kept in, and 2 tracks of background vocals that had to be left out, unfortunately, and I would have liked to have played with the tracks a bit longer to get them sounding how I wanted. Instead I was fixing my mistake in a panic, while warning my household that trying to talk to me would be a bad idea. Yes, I was a little grumpy, but feeling better now.

On the bright side, I learned TONS today about overdubbing and recording background vocals…and how to fix it when you bump everything out of alignment, haha. Being a novice, fixing mistakes was a slow process, but I was getting the hang of it as I went. Regarding recording background vocals, I love that I can look at my computer screen and actually see exactly where to come in and finish with additional vocals by following the visual representation of the lead. Now that I can see that some of this stuff isn’t as scary and complicated as it seemed, I’m kind of excited about future projects, and the possibilities…

One more lesson…listen to the song on Soundcloud before posting the link because this isn’t the first time the levels were not what I expected…like somewhere in the process of sending the file to iTunes from Garage Band, and then uploading to Soundcloud, something changes. My vocals sound just a smidgen softer on Soundcloud than they do on Garage Band. Also, in this instance of relistening to Soundcloud after the fact, I can hear that my realignment of bits of the guitar track were not smooth in a couple of places. I wish I’d had time to have a listen before posting.

Anyway, here’s the song:

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