SAC Jinxed the weather

It’s true, SAC jinxed the weather. A week ago, most of the snow had melted and I was wearing capris. Now it looks like January again…not as cold as January, but not fit for capris either. And it’s all because of this week’s challenge: write a Christmas song. Mother Nature was listening, and, as we know, she has a sadistic sense of humour.

So, yes, I did write that Christmas song, but I had many false starts. Actually, I also attempted the other option for the week and thought I’d write and edit a song for pop or rock radio, but that just wasn’t happening. I really felt like I lost my mojo over the past week, and maybe my creative juices were frozen by this very unwelcome return to winter after having had a taste of spring. But, alas, as the temperature finally rose just above freezing and the snow began melting, the creative juices began flowing.

I wrote many partial songs over the past couple of days, but it took until early afternoon today for something to finally come together. By dinner time, the song was complete….or as complete as I have time for. I’d have liked to have redone some of the vocals and added some bells. After all, this Christmas song is called Hear the Bells, so I thought they might be fitting.

I’m really glad, though, that I finally got to see through the process of adding and mixing in background vocals. I had recorded some for last week’s song, but when technical difficulties took up too long to work through, I was left with not enough time to mix them in. I will still get back to that when I have time. I want to hear how it could have sounded.

The background vocals for this week are imperfect, but good enough to get across what I had in mind, I think. Plus, as always, it was a great learning experience. Once again, as with every week, I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I can’t wait to see how I’ll be doing with the recording in the coming months if I keep at it. Maybe I need to impose some recording deadlines of my own, just to keep me practicing, learning and improving.

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